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About Us

Our services at ML Treefelling comprises of:

  • Tree felling, particularly of dangerous and large trees
  • Tree pruning of all types of trees, including big and small ones
  • Removal of Garbage and Garden Refuse
  • Stump grinding and removal
  • Crane Truck and Chipper Hire
  • Site Clearing

Outsurance provides insurance cover for our business operations.

Tree felling – a chainsaw is usually used to perform tree felling activities. A lot of work and planning is required to cut one tree. In addition, several factors would have to be taken into consideration, including, the height of the tree, the lean of the tree, and the slope of the ground. The tree would then be caused to fall under control after a series of cuts are made on its trunk.

Tree Stumping – removing tree stumps from the ground can prove to be a difficult activity. However, other options available for dealing with them are to burn them up, use a stump grinder to shred them up, or they can simply be dug out of the ground. 

Pruning – when it comes to your herbaceous plants there are different techniques for pruning that can be used which are different from the techniques that can be utilized on plants that are known to be perennially woody. By design, rather than by pruning hedge trimming is the technique through which hedges are maintained. 

As long as immediate results are not required, one of the many chemical stump removal products can be used as a common method for stump removal. What the practice involves is the removal from crop and landscape plants of their structurally unsound, non-productive, dead, damaged, diseased, or otherwise unwanted tissues.  

Pruning practices that are specialized can be used on particular plants like grapevines, fruit trees, and roses. The makeup of these stump removers comprises of KNO3 (chemically known as potassium nitrate) and they perform by getting the stump to decay in a rapidly increasing manner. The stump will become rotten through and easily fragmented in manageable pieces after an average duration of 4-6 weeks. 

Setting fire to the stump is considered to be effectual if time is a limiting factor. This is due to the absorption of the potassium nitrate can act as an oxidizer that is effective, directing or controlling growth, maintaining or improving health, risk reduction from branches that are falling, preparation for transplanting of nursery specimens , and both for increasing and harvesting the quality or yield of fruits and flowers.

With ML Tree Felling, you can rest assured that with our years of experience and knowledge that we will provide a satisfactory service of tree care, tree Cutting, palm tree removal, garden refuse removal tree felling services in Pretoria and Centurion.

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